Even Italian fashion king Giorgio Armani weighed into Manchester City's pursuit of AC Milan star Kaka yesterday.

Before the deal was officially called off, Armani said: "Kaka's transfer? I would rather tell (AC Milan club administrator Adriano) Galliani to sell all of Milan. It's useless to sell such an important player.

"I would be very sad if Kaka left. With Kaka and his wife I have a splendid relationship, they are wonderful people. But I understand that such an offer is difficult to turn down.

"If I was (Kaka's) father I would be divided. Financially, it's a possibility that perhaps will never happen again, to him or to Milan.

"But I don't know, this kind of money for such a young lad, I would rather have him grow up with the head of a normal human being.

"There are people that have made so much money in such a short space of time and at a certain age they have nothing.

"The whole system is wrong. It cannot be that a researcher earns 1500 euros a month and actors, footballers, are paid a ridiculous sum."