Steven Gerrard is reluctant to talk up the prospect of being a future Liverpool manager.

Gerrard hopes to see Brendan Rodgers as a long-term prospect at Anfield.

"Let's hope not because that means that Brendan Rodgers hasn't succeeded, and he wants to be here for a very long time," Gerrard told the Daily Mail.

"I understand what you mean when you talk about maintaining that connection with the city. But, if Brendan brings some stability and success back to the club, and I very much hope he does, I don't think the supporters will worry so much about things like that.

"People look for things like that only when it's not going so well. Let's just hope I'm involved with the club for a long time beyond now. I'd like to be and I certainly don't see myself playing for anyone else. But I don't want to put it in black and white now because I still feel I've got some time left as a player first."