Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard admits England coach Roy Hodgson was unpopular with Reds fans.

Gerrard, 31, has been named captain by new England boss Hodgson.

He said: "Roy was unpopular with Liverpool fans. But he's not unpopular with me.

"You have to understand the situation at Liverpool. When the job became available the majority of Liverpool fans wanted their hero, a legend, in charge. And, when you then get off to a slow start it's difficult.

"Roy just took the job at the wrong time. That won't happen to the next man. Kenny's been, done what he can, got us to two cup finals and change has happened.

"But 90 per cent or more of the fans aren't asking for Kenny to be the next manager.

"They know it's going to be someone new. We have to get behind whoever is picked for that role."