Tottenham skipper William Gallas feels his teammates are now showing a winning mentality.

Gallas admits he's tried to change the culture during his three seasons at Spurs.

"Maybe I have tried to help," he said. "I'm a competitor. I don't like to lose. Every game for me is very important. Every victory is very important, even if we don't play well. The most important thing is to take the three points. Maybe some people didn't understand my reaction sometimes.

"I came from a club where I won some trophies so I know what you have to do.

"Even if you win one game, sometimes some things are not right. So you have to encourage it. You have to speak with the players and say what is good, what is wrong.

"When you do this, in the end, you will get what you want. Tottenham have to improve in games against the smaller teams. We have to pick up the three points, definitely.

"We have started to do it. If you compare this season with last season we are in a better position. The players have the right mentality now.

"Some players want to win every game. If we draw a game, some of them can be very upset. That's a good thing. Two years ago those players were not thinking like that. So slowly, slowly Tottenham will become very, very big."