Arsenal's young fullback Paul Rodgers has revealed how captain William Gallas is taking care of the club's younger players.

"William Gallas took the young players to watch a 50 Cent concert," he told "I had been training with the Reserves and we finished early and so I was on my way home when the other lads were trying to call me back to go to the concert. But I did not hear them. I was gutted when I came in the next day to find out that they had all gone to the concert, VIP style too.

"It was good of William to do what he did. It helps with club morale and spirit. I've never had to talk to him about anything, but I feel he is very approachable and if I needed to discuss anything with him I would not hesitate. Shame about the 50 Cent gig though, but my agent got me some Spice Girls tickets!"