Fulham striker Marcello Trotta doesn't want to be compared with Manchester United's Kiko Macheda.

Trotta - who is on loan with the Bees from Fulham - is determined to succeed where Macheda failed and make it big in the Premier League.

He said: "I don't think we can compare our situations, let alone our goals.

"Federico scored a decider in the race for the title and above all he was playing for his club, while I am on loan at Brentford.

"I think we will only be able to draw parallels when I'll be able to score a goal for Fulham in the Premier League.

"For now I need minutes under my belt, I need to play.

"That's how you hit form and find continuity. That's the only way you can improve and that's the only way I can play in the Premier League one day."