Fulham owner Mohamed Al Fayed is furious with Premier League plans to introduce their own financial controls.

The Daily Mail says Egyptian billionaire Fayed, who bought Fulham in 1997, is so opposed to any financial restraints being imposed on the top-flight clubs that it is understood he would take legal action if necessary to combat FFP rulings.

Fulham representatives at chairmen's summits, who include club director and long-time Fayed spokesman Michael Cole, have already indicated to the Premier League that they would be consulting with lawyers on the subject.

Fayed believes he is entitled to spend his own fortune as he sees fit and if he wants to buy a player for the fans, he should be able to do so.

The Premier League need 14 of their 20 clubs to agree to any FFP changes. Fulham, along with Manchester City, Aston Villa and West Bromwich are wholeheartedly against, with Everton wavering.