Fulham boss Roy Hodgson hopes they haven't set up fans for a big fall this Sunday.

"The reception we got from our fans after we beat Birmingham was fantastic," he said. "If anything it worried me because I don't think we deserved it. I thought it was magnificent of the fans to stay behind and give us that reception to make us feel good.

"But we can still slip into the Championship and there's still a big risk of that happening.

"That reception is probably the biggest pressure that has been put upon us because we realised, if we hadn't already, that it was so important to people."

Fulham boss Hodgson admits he was surprised by the reaction of supporters who have been given precious few moments to savour in an otherwise dismal season.

"I thought the fans might still be a little bit disappointed that over the course of the season we hadn't given them as many games of that type," he said. "I expected perhaps a bit more, cynicism is the right word, in their reception. But it seemed genuinely warm-hearted."