Ex-referee Anders Frisk told Sky Sports that managers must take greater care over their post-match comments, hinting that the press can also do their part.

Frisk stepped down as referee after a Barcelona-Chelsea encounter in the 2005 Champions League, wherein then-Blues boss Jose Mourinho claimed that Frisk invited Frank Rijkaard into the referee's room at half-time.

. As such, he took note of Sir Alex Ferguson's reaction when Manchester United were put out of the FA Cup by Portsmouth. The Scot apparently blamed referee Martin Atkinson for failing to award a penalty to Cristiano Ronaldo after a challenge from Sylvain Distin.

Ferguson moved on to slate Professional Game Match Officials Board (PGMOB) supremo Keith Hackett for what he saw as failure to deal with incompetent refs.

With Ferguson now under pressure from the FA to explain himself, Frisk offered his take on proceedings.

"You have to put these types of comments into perspective," he said.

"You have to understand the situation [Ferguson] was in. They had just lost the match.

"It is always wise for players, managers or coaches to take your time with comments.

"Maybe these comments were made when under stress.

"I am a little bit disappointed actually with Sir Alex and some of the top coaches and players with a lot of experience.

"I think sometimes they need to cool down a little bit and think before they make their comments.

"They need to think about the consequences of what they are saying."