French politicians have criticised PSG's pursuit of LA Galaxy star David Beckham.

Some want Manchester United icon Beckham's salary to be capped at €10 million.

Conservative UMP member Jacques Remiller started the ball rolling last week when he proposed an enquiry into footballers' salaries, saying that he, "like most other citizens", was "stupefied" by Beckham's expected salary.

Socialist parliamentary leader Jean-Marc Ayrault agreed, telling French TV channel iTélé that his own party had already put forward a proposal to cap footballers' wages. "I've had enough of these enormous salaries," he said. "We must revisit this [issue]."

Frédéric Lefebvre, a UMP member and secretary of state for business, was less critical, suggesting that while footballers received "unbelievable" salaries, their careers were also "very short". "Let's see what Beckham brings to [PSG] before we decide whether it's in the club's interest or not," he added.