Hearts assistant coach Stephen Frail has revealed he's held crunch talks with club owner Vladimir Romanov over his ambitions for the Jambos.

"With the little things I have spoken to him about, I am still convinced he is wanting us to be successful and he is still very passionate about the club," he told The Scotsman. "You can see that by just talking to him.

"You can feel that by looking at him. I know he wants us to be successful. We are trying to do that. If you are putting money in like he is, he wants to have a product on the park.

"Now, with the stadium taking off, he will want to have that filled every week as well."

Romanov has never hidden his hands-on approach at Tynecastle which involves him meddling in team selection.

And Frail insists he understands the Lithuanian's methods from behind the scenes.

He said: "It's a different ownership from any club in Scotland, I'm sure there are other clubs over the world that have it. He wants to know the team, he wants to know who is involved in the team and he wants to know who is doing well.

"There is nothing wrong in that I don't think."