Birmingham City striker Mikael Forssell believes moving to Chelsea can turn Nicolas Anelka into a world star.

"Nicolas Anelka is a great signing," said Forssell, who is set to face the Frenchman when his Birmingham side host Chelsea tomorrow. "My footballing hero is Ronaldo and I see great similarities between him and Anelka. They both have the knack of not being involved in a game for 80 minutes and then suddenly popping up with something special.

"That makes Anelka my type of striker. He possesses unbelievable talent and is up there with the best."

"But you look at Chelsea's squad now, with Michael Essien, Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard missing, and you think this is the time that you would actually choose to play them.

"That said, they can still call on some very good players and no one is better than Anelka."