FOOTIE TWEETS: Barton concedes to Bieber, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga as Kei Kamara gives Fergie some cheek

Joey Barton was at it again on Twitter this week with some abusive, albeit, entertaining banter on the social networking site.

Joey Barton was at it again on Twitter this week with some abusive, albeit, entertaining banter on the social networking site.

The Olympique Marseille midfielder, on loan from QPR, was rather intrigued to find out that a trio of popstars far outweigh him in the ‘followers’ stakes in the Twittersphere.

Barton was marching confidently towards the 2 million followers earlier in the week but was slightly flat when he discovered that one of the people who easily has him covered is teen pop sensation Justin Bieber. The Englishman took to Twitter to keep us updated of his quest for 2 million ‘Tweeps’ whilst stating his lack of fondness for Bieber who along with Katy Perry and Lady Gaga easily have him covered for ‘followship’.

“Not far off 2 million followers now. That is a perverse number of people. Freaks me out a bit, it does if i'm honest... #8ktogo,” he kicked off with.

Before adding: “Also just crossed 2 million follows mark. Only 30 odd million behind Bieber, Gaga and Perry. Every cloud....

This gem then followed, before a war of words with Bieber fans erupted: “If your over the age of 14 and are male and listen to Justin Bieber, then you my friend are on a slippery slope. #futureweirdo.”

And Barton also revealed his newfound love for Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho following the Champions League win over Manchester United on Tuesday night.

“Mourinho on BeinSport speaking fluent French to the reporter! He's gone up in my estimations.

“Geeza asked him at start can you do it in French. He said 'Yes or English, Spanish, Portuguese. Upto you! Hahaha legend... #mourinho.”

Also watching the Round of 16 clash was Norwich City loanee Kei Kamara who produced a couple of pearls of wisdom.

“Dinner is ready and time to kick back and enjoy some good football#TheWorldsGame. I want the good team with the ball to Win :P,” he posted before the following, erm, classic…..
“Sir Alex Ferguson's chewing gum is older than Welbeck. #TruStory#FootballFact.”

United veteran Ryan Giggs made his 1,000th professional appearance in the loss to Madrid and received some adulation from an old mate.

“Giggs playing his 1000th career appearance against Real Madrid!#legeng #ChampionsLeague,” wrote Barcelona’s Gerard Pique.

QPR striker Jay Bothroyd gave us his tip on who will replace Fergie at Old Trafford.

“Mourinho is def next man utd manager I think .. What you think tweeps,” he asked.

Whilst Stoke City’s Michael Owen was not jumping on the Real bandwagon despite their triumph over former club United.

“Wasn't too impressed with Madrid. Until the sending off they were struggling. Sticking to my pre tournament fancies Bayern Munich to win it.”

And on Wednesday night, Gary Lineker made a subtle hint that David Beckham may not be such a key player at new club Paris Saint-Germain after they edged Valencia in the Champions League.

“PSG squeeze through. Interesting when it really mattered Ancelotti kept Beckham sitting on his H&M's,” he mused.

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