Former Inter Milan coach Gigi Simoni has criticised president Massimo Moratti over his attack on referees.

Moratti blew his top after defeat to Atalanta on Sunday.

"Moratti was a bit harsh," Simoni told FCInterNews. "Undoubtedly, I have to say there have been many negative and unlucky incidents from referees around Inter, but I don't like these complaints. Don't forget that the Inter squad has its problems.

"I had never seen Moratti this angry. Obviously he was cross at the Juve incident in 1998, which was understandable, but I can't say if we are at the same level of anger.

"I saw a few of the incidents that went against Inter this season, but in many games you can tell this is not the same team as it was. Inter have serious problems that they need to evaluate and concentrate on.

"Moratti isn't inventing things, as he has been in football for many years, going through some difficult moments and a few favourable decisions in the years when he won everything.

"Now he has to evaluate the refereeing aspect, but also the team itself, because the referees are not the only problem here."