Real Madrid president Florentino Perez insists he would put the relationship with Manchester United and the new board ahead of signing Cristiano Ronaldo. "From what I hear, there is an agreement between the player and his club," Pérez told The Times.

If one day there is a chance of him playing for Real Madrid, that would be an honour for us. But if I had to choose between the friendship with Manchester United and the signing of Ronaldo, I would choose the friendship. Plus, I have never said that Cristiano will arrive in June.

"That is an arrogant and false statement."

He also declared: "I shall be talking with [Sir Alex] Ferguson [the United manager] and David Gill [the chief executive] to build bridges.

"If we sign Kaká from Milan, I can assure you that we will still have a very good relationship with [Adriano] Galliani [the vice-president].

"Of course, we want the best players to join us here - but only if their club wants to sell them. Ask Gill, David Dein [the former Arsenal vice-chairman], Roman Abramovich [the Chelsea owner] . . . I have an excellent relationship with them and it is essential to me that continues. I represent a club where elegance and gentlemanliness has been always our flag.

"Ronaldo or whoever will come if their club want to sell. To force through a situation is very bad for our image. If someone has acted in that way at some point, I offer my apologies and can assure you that it will not happen again."