Manchester United midfielder Darren Fletcher is grateful for the support he's received as he's battle back from a chronic bowel problem.

Fletcher is delighted to be back playing for both club and country.

"I didn't doubt that I would play again," he said. "I always felt I would be back. I think I needed to have that kind of attitude.

"There were other people who doubted it but, for me, to be here I always needed to believe.

"I couldn't let myself think I might not make it. I always told myself I'd be back one day and fortunately that's the case. But it's not been plain sailing along the way by any stretch of the imagination.

"I would like to think Sir Alex [Ferguson] always knew I would be back, as well. Right now, I'm still at the stage of convincing him that I should be back in the team and playing two or three games a week."