Fiorentina sports chief Pantaleo Corvino says the country's tax authorities are hurting the Italian game.

"Football is in deep financial crisis and in order to help it there should be fewer taxes to pay," said Corvino. "In Italy the tax system is a big problem while in other nations it is much better. I believe it is about time we changed something."

The former Lecce director claims the limit on non-EU players should be abolished in accordance to equal opportunity laws.

"It is crazy that there are still rules which limit the number of non-communitarian players and they should be abolished.

"In my opinion we should open the barriers and let everyone come in given that they have everything required.

"If we do it in normal life I don't see why we can't in football, a sport which needs quality. If an Italian youngster is good enough then he will make it.

"Look at Davide Santon for instance, he managed to do it even if there were players such as Douglas Maicon and Maxwell in the squad."