Ferguson places no playing limits on Man Utd pair Giggs, Scholes

Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson won't put any limits on the amount of games veteran pair Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs will play next season.

Just 24 hours after admitting the duo face being "phased out", Ferguson said: "There are good signs about our team. Yes, we have got some age issues with Giggs and Scholes. My hope is in the next couple of years they will play around 25-30 games apiece. But that depends on their performance level.

"I wouldn't put barriers against them continuing in the way they have done because they both conduct their lives in the right fashion, both look after themselves professionally and they don't have any weight issues.

"Injury-wise, Paul has had more injuries of a serious nature than Ryan, but if he stays clear of injuries then he can continue the way he is going for the next couple of years."

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