Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson says they're the team the world wants to watch. While it might not always be good for a 71-year-old's heart, Fergie thinks supporters around the globe are enjoying watching a series of high-scoring thrillers.

The veteran boss, who takes his team to Wigan today, said: "We're getting goals, no doubt about that. The fans are enjoying it.

"I think in terms of a worldwide audience they will be turning their TVs on whether they're in America, Australia, to see another 4-3.

"We've been forced to up the ante all the time because we're losing goals.

"We're stretching ourselves all the time. In fairness to the players, they want to win. The history of the club is like that.

"I don't think it's anything to do with last year in particular.

"Giving the goals away is forcing them to get their fingers out. In fairness, we've been brilliant at it. The attacking play the other night was fantastic. The chances we created were fantastic, involving seven or eight players all the time."