Sir Alex Ferguson is confident David Moyes can handle the Manchester United job.

But he warned it will take Moyes aback the enormity of the responsibility.

Ferguson said: "I think the enormity of the club, he will soon realise that anyways.

"The global brand and number of sponsors we have, he has to fit into that. I don't think that's an issue though and the most important thing is the team.

"He's got a good squad of players and he will want to add to that I'm sure himself, he will have his own ideas and that's good. He will be fine."

Indeed, the retiring boss has left Moyes with something totally different to work with than he had back in 1986. Indeed, the whole football club is nothing like the one he walked into - it is a rampant money-making commercial machine.

But Ferguson pointedly noted: "The priority is the football team. Without the football team, they would not have all the sponsorships. We all know that here. There is no doubt about that."