FC Twente president Joop Munsterman has likened the impact of coach Steve McClaren to what Eric Cantona did for Manchester United.

Former United No2 McClaren is on the brink of clinching the Dutch title this weekend.

Munsterman told the Daily Mail: "Steve was part of the vision. "I looked at Manchester United and they got Cantona, they got a top man and it lifted them. We thought: 'We need a top coach,' and McClaren came.

"Suddenly we had 20 TV stations here. Twente were famous. When we went to Fenerbahce, they didn't say, 'It's FC Twente,' they said, 'It's Steve McClaren's FC Twente.' That's what I mean by Cantona. It's fantastic.

"When we signed him, suddenly FC Twente are on CNN. And in terms of PR, he's the best."