The son of Inter Milan legend Giacinto Facchetti has urged Indonesian billionaire Erik Thohir to respect the club's traditions.

Thohir is in talks to buy Inter this summer.

"Inter were created in 1908 with foreign members of the board, so the fact the investment comes from Indonesia is not an issue," Gianfelice Facchetti told La Stampa.

"We have seen directors and even local players move from one club to the next with total indifference. Being born in Milan is certainly no guarantee of behaviour or reliability.

"I basically see this investment as an opportunity, but you also need respect for the club. You cannot lose sight of the details when taking a global view.

"For now the majority shares remain in the hands of Moratti and his name is a guarantee for Inter. The Italian economy is in difficulty and seeking fresh capital, while football is a famous brand and therefore foreign investment hits the headlines.

"What would I ask of Thohir? That he maintains contact with the fans in the stadium, keeps a healthy Lombardy pragmatism and avoids making big promises."