Doncaster Rovers boss Bryan Flynn is pleased his prediction about a teenage Gareth Bale has proved correct.

Seven years ago, Flynn had become aware of the current Tottenham star as Wales U21 coach.

"Gareth Bale will be the best player in Europe by the time he is 23," he said at the time.

Today, Flynn tells the Daily Mail: "I wasn't far off, was I?

"I knew he was special.

"But there was one reason why I could make a calculated guess. I'd seen Ryan Giggs at the same age. Obviously, you make comparisons. Anyone would.

"I had Ryan was in Wales' youth team for two seasons. I had the same feeling when I watched Gareth as I had when I saw Ryan.

"With Gareth, he had such a tremendous left foot. I remember going to a youth team tournament in Spain with our Under-17s. Everyone used the same hotel.

"And two very well-respected Spanish coaches came to see me after Gareth, who was then only 15 years old, to ask about him.

"It was the same with Ryan. He stood out just the same."