Former Aston Villa star Paul Merson says manager Paul Lambert needs to buy experience this month.

Merson admits he fears for his old club, though is a fan of Lambert.

He told Absolute Radio: "I wouldn't sack the manager, I think the manager is a good manager. I just think he has got to break his policy and bring in a bit of experience. If you look at Paul Lambert over the years he likes to work with younger players and enthusiastic.

"Sometimes you need to bring in people with that little bit more. They might question you every now and then in training, but you got to be big enough. And they will keep you up. I mean they have never replaced Petrov. When Petrov become not well, I mean that has been a massive miss to Aston Villa, because he was top drawer but he had that experience to say 'right don't panic, just get on the ball and we will pass it around.' At the moment they haven't got that."

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