Former England coach Graham Taylor is against managers getting bonuses from player sales.

Taylor wrote in the Daily Express: "I am not holier than thou but I never liked such bonuses and I have never been paid a bonus for selling a player.

"I considered selling players to be part of my job, for which I got paid anyway. And my job was to improve players and have a successful team.

"One of the biggest transfers I was involved in was selling John Barnes from Watford to Liverpool in 1987. We bought John for a set of shirts and shorts and sold him for £900,000.

"It was the right time to let him go, he needed to be at a bigger club. I set up that deal, then left to take over at Aston Villa as it went through.

"That was a lot of money back then, but it would not have been right for me to take some of that as a bonus. It is not fair. John had come through the youth system - so what about the youth-team coach? Shouldn't he get a slice? What about the first-team coach or the assistant manager?"