Martin Jol admits he never worked well with Tottenham sports director Damien Comolli.

"From the first day it was an awkward working relationship (with Comolli)," Jol told Sportweek. "I was not his choice and he was not my choice. The pressure was so immense, so huge. For the most important part of my job I was depending on the people around me at Spurs who were buying the players. But I'd be the one who would be sacked if it went wrong, because I am responsible for the results.

"Spurs is a fantastic club with fabulous supporters and a great history. But I can only say it would have been the job of my dreams if the club had let me work like Manchester United let Alex Ferguson work, or like Arsenal let Arsene Wenger work.

"In a way I'm proud I lasted such a long time. Most managers get kicked out at White Hart Lane within 18 months, even big names like Glenn Hoddle, who is a legend at Spurs. On the other hand I often think: 'If only I'd have been allowed to run the club the way I wanted it''. Then we really could have had something beautiful there."