Ex-Sion boss Petkovic delighted with Lazio move

Former Sion coach Vladimir Petkovic is delighted with his move to Lazio.

Petkovic was a surprise appointment given that he’s spent most of his coaching days in Switzerland and Turkey.

“It is very important for me that I have arrived here at this stage of my career,” he said.

“It demonstrates everything which I have worked hard for up to now. I’m proud to be in charge of a club that is 112-years-old, a club with a past.

“Over the next few weeks I’ll try to understand where I have arrived and with whom I will work with. I know Italian football pretty well, but it is one thing to look at it from the outside and another to be in it.

“I’ll take the time to look at each player and each move from the club to evaluate and change according to my ideas.

“I always expect more from people and that includes myself. When we reach 100 per cent, I’ll ask for 110 per cent the day after.”

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