Ex-ref Frisk forgives Chelsea boss Mourinho

Former ref Anders Frisk says he forgives Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho for their flare-up three years ago in Barcelona.

Frisk was accused by Mourinho of meeting Barca coach Frank Rijkaard for secret talks at half-time in a Champions League clash almost three years ago.

The Swedish ref sent off Chelsea striker Didier Drogba - and then received death threats to him and his family, resulting in his retirement.

But Frisk told The Sun: "I gave up the game because of what happened with Mourinho.

"I made my decision clearly but you have to move forward.

"I feel no animosity towards him. If I met Mourinho tomorrow I would shake his hand.

"Whether he would shake mine you would have to ask him - but I think he would."

Incredibly, Frisk's 12-year-old son is a Chelsea fan.

Frisk revealed: "Alexander supported Chelsea long before my problem with Mourinho.

"That's OK. There is no bitterness in our house."

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