Former QPR boss Neil Warnock insists Rangers striker Nikica Jelavic is not worth £10 million.

Jelavic has been linked with the Rs, Liverpool and West Ham United.

Warnock told the Daily Mail: "I know what Rangers value him at. But whether they get anywhere near that is another matter.

"I would be surprised if anybody paid that much and were not very impressed, if I'm honest. We watched him for a few weeks and he didn't seem much to write home about.

"He has ability, no question. But I don't know if anybody knows for certain if he is a Premiership player - and that's the problem. If you are going to pay what Rangers want, then the player has to be proven as a Premiership player, haven't they? You could get Jermain Defoe for £10m.

"I don't know, other people might see it differently. People always want strikers, especially at this time of year. It comes down to whatever someone thinks he is worth."