Former Manchester United striker Joe Jordan says new senior coach Jimmy Lumsden will make a positive impact at Old Trafford.

Jordan, currently first-team coach at QPR, took his fellow Scot Lumsden to Bristol City as his assistant when starting out on a career in management in 1988 so he fully appreciates the 65-year-old's qualities.

"Jimmy was experienced because he'd previously been assistant manager at Leeds United so he had that experience which was what I needed," explained Jordan to "I was just starting out and you need that so I was grateful to him for giving me that.

"He was someone I could knock things about with as well as the other qualities he had. I could talk to him and get his opinion as that knowledge was important for me. Obviously, that knowledge and that experience has become tenfold now because he's been in the game for that length of time since then. He has gained all that and added that to his abilities and stored it away.

"Jimmy has got a lot of qualities. He's somebody I can trust and David Moyes can trust. As soon as he got his job, he got Jimmy in. It goes all the way back to the connection with Moyesy at Celtic."