Former Manchester United fitness coach Mike Clegg says Wayne Rooney was surpassed by Cristiano Ronaldo because he gave the gym a big swerve. The 27-year-old has had doubts cast over him for several years regarding his fitness, and ahead of his crucial meeting with David Moyes, Clegg has a few ideas as to why the England star has somewhat fallen from grace.

Clegg told The Sun: "Wayne didn't see the importance of the gym really. He'd say, 'I'm here to play football'. I always wish I could have pushed Wayne that bit further.

"Wayne was always a big lad and was afraid of bulking up if he spent too much time in the gym.

"That's what set Cristiano Ronaldo apart. He would do whatever training I prescribed and more.

"He lived and breathed football 24/7 and his dedication was phenomenal.

"Wayne could still be as good as Cristiano if he emulated his attitude to the gym - he is an amazing athlete when he puts his mind to it."