Ex-Liverpool defender Hysen brought to knees by Chelsea

Former Liverpool defender Glen Hysen has been brought to his knees by Rosenborg.

The Swede, 47, is a pundit on TV3 in Scandinavia and made a bold gamble before the Champions League tie between RBK and Chelsea.

He vowed: "If Rosenborg get one point I will crawl on my knees 12 Swedish miles - that's 120 kilometres."

And after the 1-1 draw, the former centre-half got a call from TV3's boss telling him they were flying him to Oslo so he could start paying his debt in front of the Rosenborg players.

Hysen said: "Me and my big mouth! I didn't see the game as I was commentating in Milan - but I couldn't believe what I heard. Now I must take my punishment."

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