Former Inter Milan boss Roberto Mancini feels he's being frozen out of football.

Asked if he thought it would be this way, Mancini replied: "No, I did not expect it, but on the whole it's only a year since I stopped, a year in which I took a break and waited for a great opportunity from abroad.

"Every now and again I think about it and I don't have a clear response. There is no logic. Anyway, it can happen.

"But if an interesting proposal were to arrive from a club with an important project - not necessarily a title-winning one - I would have no problems signing a part from the contract.

"Every now and again I think that certain attitudes are penalising me. Someone, hopefully, has thought about me and then remembered something that I said or did and decided against calling me.

"Anyway, I don't believe I ever broke the rules. I have always said what I thought without being offensive. Sure I exposed myself, but I believe I showed that I know how to train and do my job well.

"Whoever wants me has to take me analysing the values I express on the bench. I have won with Fiorentina, with Lazio and with Inter. If arguments count instead, then amen. I don't know what to do about it. I can only say it wouldn't be right," Mancini told Il Corriere dello Sport.