Former Chelsea star Terry Venables can't believe the moaning from Rafa Benitez. El Tel wrote in The Sun: "As if sacking the previous gaffer who won them the Champions League was not strange enough, we now have the fella who took over as interim manager moaning about being the, erm, interim manager.

"As the old saying goes, you couldn't make it up.

"But, in my book, Rafa Benitez has no cause for complaint.

"I do not like the term 'interim manager' either - to me it is just a red herring. You are either the manager or not. An interim manager does not do any less than a manager, he just might do it for a shorter period.

"Or, in this instance, it might be a much shorter period!

"But interim manager is the job Benitez was offered and he took it, so there is no point in him complaining about it now.

"He's a grown-up, he knew what he was getting himself into - and he knew from the start the post would be interim."

 Is El Tel right? Or does Benitez have a point? Give us your shout below...