Former Newcastle United chairman Freddy Shepherd has been banned from St James' Park.

The Mirror says billionaire Toon owner Mike Ashley is embroiled in a business wrangle with the Shepherds and ex-vice chairman Douglas Hall after paying £133million to take control of the club.

That has boiled over into the Shepherd family not being welcome at the St James' executive box they own, demonstrated before the win against Tottenham when Freddy's brother Bruce was turned away.

It is understood Douglas Hall, who lives as a tax exile in Spain, is also frozen out. The ruthless break with the club's history has left members of the families who oversaw the 52,000 redevelopment of St James' Park, and the club's revival as a Premier League force, denied the opportunity to sit in the stadium they built.

Douglas's father Sir John, the man whose vision kick-started Toon's Kevin Keegan era, is still thought to be welcome at the ground.