John Hartson the former Celtic star has followed Steve Paterson's recent revelation in admitting to losing millions over gambling. The former Aberdeen boss lost millions but Hartson claims to have lost even more.

"A million is tame compared to what I did in over the years.

"It never got to the stage where I thought about going to Gamblers Anonymous, I just got bored with it, truth be told."

He continued: "It all started for me when I was just a kid. I worked in a nightclub when I was a lad at 14. I collected glasses for £11-a-night, three nights a week, then I'd go to the 24-hour snooker club and fill up the fruit machine. "At Luton, I owed one bookie £30,000 for a spell. At Arsenal, my betting got even heavier than that because I was earning even more in wages every week. I didn't think anything of betting 10, 15 or 20 grand in a single weekend.

"It then got worse, but the money I earned was mine to lose."

Despite his staggering losses, he admitted: "I've got to be honest and say I also had a lot of fun. That's not me being blase about it, it's just the truth.

"Some people gamble in stocks and shares. Others take chances in business deals. My way of gambling was backing horses, dogs and all the other sports I could think of.

"Another major thing was that it never affected my game. I can say that hand on heart."