Former Chelsea fullback Chapi Ferrer has fears for his old club at Barcelona.

Ferrer played for both Champions League opponents.

"When I was playing for Chelsea, Barcelona lost 3-1 at Stamford Bridge and then they beat us 5-1,'' Ferrer told the Telegraph. "It's a big difference for Barcelona's style to play on a bigger pitch.

"For the opposition, it's basically impossible to defend and press Barcelona for 90 minutes, so sooner or later, the opposition will drop physically, and a big opportunity for Barcelona will come.

"It would be a good idea for Chelsea to start with Fernando Torres, who runs more, make good runs, diagonal runs, but I had expected Didier Drogba to play at the Bridge.

"He is the kind of striker who if you are in trouble, you can play a long ball to him and he can hold it so he's better than Torres in those kind of games."