Former Arsenal striker John Hartson has urged Gareth Bale to quit Tottenham for Spain.

Hartson works with Bale as an assistant coach in the Wales setup.

He told the Daily Star Sunday: "If Gareth has any ambitions of winning titles, he gives himself a ­better chance by going to Barcelona or Real Madrid.

"Spurs are nowhere near winning the league or the Champions League.

"If he wants to be considered as one the best players we have ever seen, he needs to play at the very highest level and that is in Spain, to be challenging for the Champions League.

"I'm sure that's something Gareth will be thinking about. Offers will come in, irrespective of whether Spurs are in the ­Champions League - I don't think that makes a massive difference.

"If Gareth wants to move, he'll decide to move with his advisers.

"Spurs will be tested in the summer in ­regards to what they can offer him and what bids come in for him."