Manchester City striker Emmanuel Adebayor feels he's been accepted by Tottenham fans.

Given that he spent three years with bitter rivals Arsenal, many had expected the Spurs fans to reject Adebayor, but the striker now thinks the club's supporters have taken him to their hearts.

"I think they accept me because they have seen that I am working hard for the team," he said.

"If you are a Tottenham fan you will definitely love me because I am doing the job. It's not only about scoring goals, it's about what you put in.

"If fans see a player who is being a little bit lazy they will not like him.

"We all like players who want to show that you are not just here to take the money, you want to see players who will work for the team and that's what I am showing at the moment. That's why they love me and I am very glad for them, for myself."