Gilberto Silva has told Brazil teammate Robinho he must make greater effort to buy into English life if he is to succeed at Manchester City.

Midfielder Gilberto, 33, was with Arsenal for six years and now plays for Panathinaikos in Greece.

He said: "The biggest advice I can give Robinho to adapt to England is to learn the language. That is one of the most important things. It opens up so many more opportunities.

"Then learn how the game works there. I think he's learned that and I think his English has improved. We do speak.

"Kaka is another Brazilian who speaks English and we all speak together in English sometimes. We even do it in a fun way."

Gilberto added: "In the last few weeks, Robinho's been receiving treatment for his injury.

"He's concerned because he wants to play for City and for Brazil but he looks all right now. Of course, when these kind of rumours come out - are you going to stay, are you going to leave - the player tries not to get involved and to avoid this conversation.

"If people interpret comments, it can turn another way. So we are avoiding this topic."