Manchester United fullback Patrice Evra feels they can 'do a Chelsea' in the Champions League this season.

Evra expects to be fit for their return-leg at Bayern Munich.

He told "We always believe when you play for Manchester United; it is not because you win 4-0 against Newcastle that we start to believe we can win against Bayern. Before the first leg, everyone was expecting us to lose 5-0 or something like that but, in the end, we drew. I think it is not a good result but it is not a bad result because they scored an away goal. I'm confident we can score an away goal at Bayern. The team is confident and when you play for Manchester United you have to be confident, even when sometimes you have a difficult moment.

"I will tell you something," he added. "It was funny because all season reminded me of the Chelsea season [that they won the Champions League in 2012] when they were not playing well in the league. I keep this in my mind. I am not saying we are going to do the same but sometimes you have to be positive so why not? You have to believe."