Everton captain Phil Neville can't believe Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp is still being dragged into the police's investigation into football corruption.

He said: "Everyone has been looking on in amazement. Everyone in the game holds Harry Redknapp in the highest of regard and that's not changed, even with the slurs against him.

"Ask any player who's played for him, people like Jamo [David James] and Sol Campbell, and he's totally revitalised their careers. It shows what a good man he is.

"I think the whole of football is behind Harry Redknapp. I don't think there's one person in football who thinks he's a bad man or done anything wrong. Sometimes you need someone high profile to get yourself on the front page and make everyone aware of these investigations that are going on. But there's no firm evidence that these people who keep getting dragged through the mud are actually guilty."