Everton star Marouane Fellaini believes he's targeted by refs because of his hair!

His last big brush with officialdom came with a retrospective three-match ban for a butt on Stoke's Ryan Shawcross, which was not spotted by the officials in December.

He has since been booked twice and said: "During my first season at Everton I got 12 bookings.

"At the end of it a delegation of referees visited the club to explain why I had got so many yellow cards.

"But they ended up admitting some of the bookings were unduly harsh. I ask myself why they get given to me.

"No doubt it's because I am not someone who can pass by unnoticed. I am tall, and my hairstyle is easily recognised. I know how to give defenders problems.

"I can see them keeping a special eye on me - they are frightened of me."