Everton skipper Phil Neville says they can make a Merseyside statement today against Liverpool. Neville makes no apologies for saying that his team should go out and grab the chance of becoming top dogs on Merseyside.

"We probably shade it in terms of experience now," he said. "Liverpool are coming into a derby with a new manager, building a new journey, whereas our development has probably been more consistent.

"This is a time when our team are at their peak and we have to produce. There are no excuses for us. It's now or never if we want success.

"We have a lot of players at their peak years like Jags [Phil Jagielka] and Baines. In the past, Liverpool have always had that one individual who could win them the game, like Steven Gerrard or Fernando Torres. Luis Suarez made the difference with his equaliser at Wembley, but we have those types of players now."