Everton captain Phil Neville believes more players will decide to quit international football.

Paul Scholes, a former Manchester United teammate of Neville's, quit the international stage three years ago but is still at the top of his game domestically. He is one of an increasing number of players choosing to take an early break from the demands of the international game - and the Everton skipper can understand why.

"It wouldn't surprise me if you see other players going down that route. I've thought about it a number of times," Neville told evertonfc.com.

"The demands are such that something has got to give. You're seeing top-class Premiership players retiring from international football when they've still got their best years ahead of them.

"For me, playing for England is still the pinnacle and always will be," he added.

"Sometimes in life something's got to give and for certain players it's international football.

"If you spoke to (England manager) Steve (McClaren), he would probably tell you that the (amount of) football we play in this country hinders his job as well."