Everton midfielder Leon Osman is delighted with his current form.

Osman is unsure whether playing 90 minutes for England in Stockholm has changed him as a player, but he is content to find himself in the spotlight more often.

"I'm not sure if it has changed the way I play," he said. "I just go out there each game and play the best I can. They always say if a player is playing with confidence you'll get the best out of him, and I'm certainly full of confidence right now.

"I've gone through patches where I've played really well but I suppose the main difference is focus and recognition. I've never really been under the spotlight because I played well in the past but now I am a bit. It's nice but I'm not the type of player to get carried away with it. I'm certainly in a much stronger position to deal with the spotlight. I'm experienced and have been playing for 10 years so I can cope with it mentally and perform well on the pitch."