Everton legend Kevin Ratcliffe believes there's a way to defeat flying Swansea City.

While the Welshmen have received plenty of praise for their effervescent style, Ratcliffe believes Everton have shown it is possible to neutralise their attacking potency.

He told evertonfc.com: "They're as good as you let them be. If you let them, they'll knock the ball about well, pass and move and create chances. If you don't allow them to do that, they have to scrap, which isn't something they do best.

"They were the surprise package when they came into the Premier League, but I don't think they surprise anyone any more, because everyone knows how they play. Under Michael Laudrup, their play is very similar to how they were under Brendan Rodgers, with just a few small tinkerings.

"They seem more direct at times now and they do mix it up, and I've been impressed with that.

"I've been watching them for a few years and the mentality the chairman has got there is to bring in someone who keeps with the style of football, and that's what he has achieved."