Everton fullback Leighton Baines says manager Dave Moyes' style is similar to England coach Roy Hodgson.

Baines feels there are more similarities than are immediately apparent between his managers for club and country.

"The style of management and the stuff you do on the training pitch bears a lot of similarities," he said.

"They are quite close as well so maybe that's why.

"What my manager at Everton will never accept is people not giving everything they've got. The manager with England is the same.

"He always demands a certain level of work-rate, whether it's a training session or a game. It's something all good managers do, whether it's David Moyes or Jose Mourinho. I've come from League One, where you are used to a manager ranting and raving.

"I've moved away from that, but it instils something in you. You do feel you have to give everything you've got."