Everton boss David Moyes wants LA Galaxy captain Landon Donovan to hit the ground running upon his arrival.

Moyes is hopeful he will be ready to make an instant impact back on Merseyside.

"We are really looking forward to getting Landon back," said the Blues boss.

"He did great for us before. We have been watching him closely and we would have had him back last year but after the World Cup and all the football he has played it was just too much.

"He knows what we are all about and we know about him. We've watched his games, he looks fine and we will be able to use him in several roles, off the left, off the right and through the middle and we need that at the moment.

"Hopefully he can hit the ground running and get started quite quickly.

"We get him for about eight weeks and we will make the most of it."