Everton boss David Moyes is delighted with the energy Landon Donovan has brought to the team.

The Everton manager paid tribute to the LA Galaxy's captain's impressive work-ethic.

He said: "I think he's done well. His first couple of games we didn't play well against Bolton or Tamworth really but he kept his head above water.

"After those two games he must have wondered what he'd come to.

"But after Villa he'd have said 'this is more like it,' and more what he remembered.

"I thought he played well last week, and he'll take confidence from it. He made a couple of really big moments for us in the game. What he does that might not be appreciated is his levels of running and effort - they're up there with the best we've got at the club.

"He's a great athlete for us. Because of that he might not always be creating but I know I'll get a right good shift from him if nothing else.

"I see a little more maturity but also someone who's still finding his feet."